September 20 —

Here’s how you can help!

Now that the summer is winding down, the campaign season is heating up!

It is time for real, substantive change in leadership of the Olmsted County Attorney’s office.  We deserve a County Attorney’s Office that will focus on solving our community’s problems by  delivering measurable results, and serve as a respected and trusted partner in the community.   

And I’m so proud to receive the endorsement of AFSCME Council 65, Local 1436, the collective bargaining unit of the Assistant Olmsted County Attorneys.  To have the trust, confidence, and respect of my office colleagues to lead our office is truly humbling. 

Here are some things YOU can do to help:

  1. Talk to your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. The Olmsted County Attorney’s race has not been a contested race for 12 years, so many may not even realize it will be on the ballot on November 6. Share why you support our campaign, and don’t forget to share on social media.
  2. “Join the Team” at We are focusing  now on neighborhood captains for door knocking in every neighborhood, including yours! We’ll provide you with what you need to be successful, even if you just have a few hours to reach out to your neighbors.
  3. Consider hosting a meet and greet event to help expand the reach of our campaign to people in your social circle. Contact us through FaceBook or the website.
  4. The last few weeks of the campaign are going to take additional resources (yard signs, literature, media). Please consider a donation to the campaign at or via mail: Friends Elect Geoff Hjerleid, P.O. Box 8023, Rochester, MN 55904.

Finally, thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone for supporting us.  I’m truly humbled by your advice, help, and encouragement.  The support for our campaign is widespread– and we have the momentum!  And with your continued help I know we can bring this home on November 6th.

— Geoff

August 22 —

Our fundraising event on August 2nd was a huge success! 

Special thanks to Judy & Charlie Bird for sharing their beautiful home, and to our co-hosts Jeremy Stevens, Grant Borgen, Carol Pasternak, and Rachel Bowman— and of course Karen with her amazing organizing skills. Special shout out to Alice & Jim— the food was amazing!

And once again I was truly humbled by the support for our campaign from the local private attorneys and firms who understand the need to change the leadership of the Olmsted County Attorney’s Office.

Keep watching for invites! We’ve enjoyed fantastic, widespread support during the campaign, but we’re not slowing down now in these final months. Attend as many events as you can and invite your friends. I can’t wait to share my vision of what the Olmsted County Attorney’s Office can, should, and will be in starting in 2019. And most importantly, I want to hear your ideas of how the office can better serve our community.

— Geoff


July 5, 2018 —

Celebrating our national birthday in Stewartville! 

Great day celebrating our national birthday in Stewartville! Best 4th of July parade around. Special thanks to my friends for joining me— Paul, Lori, Larry, the Kidders, Dave, Ashlea, Karen, Ean, and Dustin— and for “tricking out” my truck. That’s code for “covering the rust.” Meeting the Princesses was my fav— who needs Disney World when we have Stewartville?

Eyota and Byron— here we come!

–  G

PS: On a more personal note (this is a blog, after all):

I have to share a very special, and personal moment during my walk in yesterday’s 4th of July parade in Stewartville. Ran into a wonderful family from long ago— and met the baby boy we helped. He’s now a tall, handsome young man! Honored to pose for that photo. I had to walk in the middle of the street for a full block after that— difficult to greet folks when I’m a bit “emotional.”

To all the social workers and law enforcement officers I’ve had the pleasure working with over the years, it was a reminder for me that the tough work we do today really can make a difference.



June 25, 2018 —

Rochester Fest Fun!

Rochester Fest Parade was a great success!  It was great seeing old friends and making new ones.  Was it hot enough?  I’m pretty sure that I delayed the end of the parade because I stopped more than once under a shady tree.  We all had fun, and learned that you can never have enough bottled water, shade, or candy and stickers for the kids. 

A special thanks to all my friends and family who walked with us:  Ian and Olivia, Dave and Ashlea, Paul, Terry, Golden, the Andersons (wild bunch!), Ean, Lindsey and her family, and our friends from the Women’s Shelter.  And a special shout out to the Lakes–Ryann, Kyle, and Amy– for all their last minute help and advice.   Couldn’t have done it without you.

One thing that didn’t surprise me?  The number of times I was asked how to pronounce my name.  Can you believe that? 😊  Make sure to keep checking back—we’re going to have some fun with that funny looking name of mine.

Stewartville Summerfest Fourth of July Celebration here we come!

– G


PS — Just a short message from my littlest supporter:

June 12, 2018 — 

Olmsted County Attorney Local 1436, AFSCME Council 65 Endorsement

I am honored to announce that I have been endorsed for Olmsted County Attorney by Local 1436, AFSCME Council 65, the bargaining unit of the Assistant Olmsted County Attorneys.

A friend recently posted that it takes courage to challenge an incumbent “boss.” If that’s true, our citizens should know that the courage to stand up and speak out for what is right runs throughout the attorneys and support staff of the Olmsted County Attorney’s Office.  From the start of my campaign, I have tried to remind everyone that the Olmsted County Attorney’s Office is not one person, but a public institution of dedicated professionals who work hard every day in the service to our community.

It is truly humbling that the other assistant county attorneys are standing with me for change in the leadership of our office.  They are my colleagues and friends, and I am proud that they have chosen me to lead them in our service to the people of Olmsted County.

— G

May 28, 2018 — 

Campaign Week 1 Recap

A great first week of the campaign.  Our launch press conference on May 21st went well except for a little bit of rain.  I wasn’t worried too much as I’m not made of sugar. 

Officially filed my affidavit of candidacy on Wednesday, and then Wednesday evening I met the welcoming people of Lake Zumbro at the Lake Zumbro Improvement Association meeting at Mac’s Park Place.  I’m not sure I’ve ever attended a meeting where so much serious work gets done while everyone is having such a good time!  A perfect example of how public and private agencies can partner up and make good things happen. Lake Zumbro is truly one of our county’s gems.  Kudos to the staff of the County Attorney’s Office for their legal work on this on-going project—just another example of how  the office can help ensure our quality of life. 

Thursday night I was able to listen to the reports and concerns of a number of township folks at the Township Association Board meeting at the Oronoco Community Center.  Nice visit with my Salem Township neighbors, and it was a pleasure meeting the representatives of our rural residents.  Looking forward to listening to more of the challenges we’re facing, and  I’m confident we can come up with solutions, too. 

Over lunch on Friday I listened to a number of our area legislators review the past legislative session at the Chamber of Commerce Legislative Recap.  Make sure to send a special thanks to Senator Dave Senjem for his work to fund the building of more facilities for those suffering from mental illness.  Should we expect nothing less from a Norse?  Every once in a while throwing money at a problem isn’t a bad thing!  Still a lot of work to do, but this is a great start, and all my friends who work in this field every day appreciate the effort. 

Saturday brought the first of many Meet and Greet mornings at Steam in downtown Rochester.  Special thanks to Kaya and Will for the accommodations.   Great chance for me to listen to concerns and ideas, and I appreciated the opportunity.  Can’t wait to do it again.  By the way, the Iced House Blend will get anyone’s morning started.  Coffee on tap—who’d have thunk that?

 Sunday I got to spend the afternoon at Carl & Sherri Anderson’s annual Med-City Marathon party.  Great BBQ, and enough shade and cold drinks to fend off the heat.  Caught up with old friends and made more than few new ones.  Don’t worry Zoe and Danielle —  I’ll reserve a couple of campaign t-shirts just for you. 

The Memorial Day Holiday brought an end to the week with the ceremony at Byron Cemetery.  It was an honor to observe, remember, and pay our respects to all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. 

Best part of the week?  All the well-wishes and support being offered from everyone.  It’s truly humbling.  

— G