I live just outside Byron, Minnesota, with my better-half Kristin, and our kids Olivia, Ian, and Avery– along with a few four legged friends who run the show.

I grew up in Decorah, Iowa (Uffda!) and graduated from Luther College with a degree in Political Science before earning my law degree at the University of Iowa.  Little wonder that lefse and bacon are the foundations of my food pyramid.

For over 12 years I was an adjunct professor in the Master’s Degree program for Health Care Administration at St. Mary’s University.  I “taught” in the areas of Health Care Law, Ethics, and Public Policy.  I don’t know how well I taught (maybe a C+?), but I think we learned a lot, and I know there are some very bright and dedicated people working in the health care field in Rochester.

I’m passionate about amateur wrestling– The King of Sports– and I was a high school referee for over 15 years.  I was honored to be selected to referee the Minnesota State High School League State Tournament, but the best part was visiting high school gyms in the middle of January and getting a front row seat to the best high school wrestling in the country.  Yeah, I’m biased, but it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true.

I enjoy reading almost everything, especially history, and anything by Robert Parker.  Lately, my favorite mags are National Geographic and Handy Man —mostly because I haven’t traveled much, and I can saw a board three times and it’s still too short.

I’m a self-professed “movie snob,” and my tastes range from Kurosawa’s “Ran” to almost any Western — especially starring the Duke, Burt Lancaster, or Clint — to “The Notebook.”  Seriously.  And every Christmas I don’t care when my family laughs at me when I cry watching  “Miracle on 34th Street.”

A few years ago I panicked when I realized I couldn’t play an instrument, so Kristin presented me with a mountain dulcimer, and now my family endures my repertoire of about 7 tunes.  Over and over and over . . .

When I’m having a good day, I sing.  And when I’m having a bad day, I sing more until the day gets better.  Can’t say the same for anyone listening.

Chocolate candy bars and ice cold Coca-Cola are my not so guilty pleasures.

My fantasy job is to run the chuckwagon on a cattle drive across Montana.  I’ve got the hat, the boots, and the horses, now I just need some stray cows.

Without a real plan for that fantasy job, I’ve instead got my eye on a new pair of walking shoes. I can’t wait for the summer parade season, and a chance to meet everyone and hear how we can make our communities better.  We’re going to have some funi