Our Campaign

May, 2018 — I am honored to announce my candidacy for Olmsted County Attorney.

The County Attorney’s Office plays a vital role in ensuring the public safety and our quality of life by responsibly prosecuting and holding offenders accountable, by protecting and serving our most vulnerable citizens, and advising our public agencies in service to the community. This work requires an ability to lead and manage a large staff, and the responsible use of taxpayer resources.

It is time for real, substantive leadership in the County Attorney’s Office. We deserve a County Attorney who will deliver measurable results, and serve our citizens as a respected and trusted partner in the community.

I would be honored to have your support and your vote on November 6th. 


As your County Attorney, I will ensure that our office is dedicated to:

  • Effective and efficient use of the law to help solve our problems
  • Responsible stewardship of the public’s trust and resources through efficiency, transparency, and accountability
  • Strong partnerships with law enforcement, public and private agencies, and our court system to ensure public safety and serve all our citizens

Campaign Launch – Facebook Live


I am prepared and ready to serve as your County Attorney. For the past 22 years I have served as both a criminal and civil prosecutor in Olmsted County. I currently serve as the Lead Attorney of the Criminal Division, supervising the criminal prosecutors of the office. Before assuming that responsibility I was the lead attorney advising and representing the agencies charged with protecting our most vulnerable citizens– abused and neglected children, vulnerable adults, and those suffering from mental illness and chemical dependency. I am a collaborative, forward-thinking, and trusted attorney who consistently delivers meaningful results.